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Paging System

From simple pre-configured Paging Systems to fully online PC front end systems, voice communications, alarm and security monitors or other wireless devices, SIGMA has a solution for you.

Where sites require special requirements, SIGMA’s design expertise will develop a solution that will best meet your requirements whilst taking into account site specific parameters.

With a comprehensive range, SIGMA can provide any of the following:

Waiter Call

The WaiterCall system has revolutionised the way restaurants operate. The system consists of our rugged VPS transmitter with a choice of battery operated or rechargeable pagers.

Customer Call

In busy times it is important to reduce customer waiting time and increase table turns. At these times Customer Call becomes invaluable.

On arriving customers are given a pager designed for the industry and asked to wait in the bar or waiting area until they are alerted that their table is ready

On-line PC Based System


GENESIS is a PC based alphanumeric paging system compatible with all Windows® based operating systems. It allows users to send messages to on-site pagers, mobile phones (SMS) and wide area pagers from any PC on your network.

This system can support over 32,000 Contacts and Groups and runs on a SQL Server database to ensure data security and reliability.

Extensively used in hospitality and Industrial applications, genesis will also allow you to interface to any third party device you have onsite giving you a total communication solution.

Nearly all retail outlets experience the same problem. How do we effectively communicate between our Cashiers or till points through out the store without using a noisy and intrusive overhead system? CST's POSpage is the solution. Integrated to all Genesis Paging Software, POSpage allows you to have a software application on each till. These can be configured for each department allowing quick and easy communication from each department to the relevant store supervisor or manager, i.e. 'Assistance required in Menswear'. This will de displayed on an alphanumeric pager or Dect phone.


The perfect communication solution for any medium sized hotel or facility.

Quick is a simple desktop Transmitter that will allow you to send messages to your staff via an Alpha Numeric pager.

Can be linked to a standard querty keyboard allowing you to communicate in seconds.

EasyCall is an effective low cost wireless communication paging system. These IP rated weatherproof buttons make them ideal for outdoor conditions. Perfect for alfresco dining and outdoor designated smoking areas.


The ideal solution for restaurant paging communications. Table Call has been developed to provide seamless communications between venues and their customers.

Since calling a waiter is a simple button press on the remote Table Call unit, customers now get all the attention they deserve and relax when they are visiting your Restaurant, Cafe or Bistro.


Free standing or wall mounted, conference call is a unique dedicated communication system designed for service industry sectors.

Ideal for use in a wide range of service industries from hotels, restaurants, leisure outlets to banks, high street stores and government offices.

LobbyCall is an effective low cost wireless communication paging solution which allows you to offer your guests exceptional service. LobbyCall enables guests to call for immediate service at the touch of a button.

You spend a great deal to attract shoppers and make the experience pleasant. Are you ruining it by trying to get messages to the right person at the right time? The StoreCall staff paging system places immediate, silent communication at your fingertips, allowing you to communicate with your staff silently and instantly.

The perfect solution for any executive dining or meeting room facility. Used by many of the leading financial and professional institutions in the UK, Butler Call will allow your clients to summon a member of your service team silently to any service requirements they may have.


AlarmCall from CST is a cost effective wireless system that gives both Industry and Commerce a real alternative to regularly hemorrhaging money through false alarms.

Interfaced to your existing fire alarm, AlarmCall immediately notifies the designated staff member exactly where an alarm has been activated via an Alpha Numeric pager.

Recent legislation requires all UK employers to make provision for disabled staff and customers, this includes the area of fire safety. With one in seven of the population being deaf or hard of hearing, the need for effective fire warning technology is immense. This is where CST’s DeafCall pager system comes into its own, providing an easy-to-use, low cost solution that is compatible with most alarm systems on the market.

The next generation in Front Door paging systems. The transmitter can be interfaced with up to 12 dry contacts providing many more vital alerts to the Night Porter’s pager. Superior range providing essential communication: especially to those sites that have standalone accommodation from the restaurant.

Raising the level of Patient Care - Hospital Admissions, A&E Departments, Same-day Surgery, Outpatient Clinics and Hospital Pharmacies. They all have one thing in common – the need for efficient, discreet communication between staff, patients and visitors. The MediCall pager system delivers all this and more.


When the consultant is ready to see the next patient, how do they inform Reception?

Consultant call is a desk mounted call button that, when pressed, will alert the receptionist via a pager or display.


Sigma Intruder Alarm


Wireless Intruder Alarm from £235.00


 CCTV Camera DVR System


4 Camera CCTV System

with Remote Viewing on

Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop