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Cashless Vending

Cashless Vending systems offer the convenience of using a single card to be able to obtain numerous services by providing a safer method of exchanging monetary value whilst saving time.

Furthermore, restrictions can be set up to certain values and department or individual expenditures can be monitored and reported upon. From photocopying to the dispensing of tea and coffee, all can be monitored and controlled by the simple use of a single card. This same card can have the owner’s personal details on it for Photo ID purposes and can be used for Access Control and Time & Attendance as well.

In addition to vending machines, cards can be used with Point of Sale Tills at shops, restaurants, cafeterias etc.

Cashless Point of Sale terminals help remove the issues normally associated with traditional "cash" handling at the till point, whilst offering the following benefits:

  • Fast Throughput at tills especially during Meal Times
  • Reduced Queuing
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Automatic Allocation of Free Meal allowances
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Comprehensive Purse Management
  • Easy Reconciliation of all monies received

The Midas POS till and software offers all the benefits of a cashless vending system in addition to being user friendly, simple to use with comprehensive capabilities to cater for the majority of applications.

POS Tills can be networked with each other and a Server PC from which a browser is used to access the Server application. Therefore applying Cashless Vending to remote sites is made much easier as the system is capable of utilising existing WAN networks.

There are different methods used to identify individuals including Smartcards that can also be used for other applications such as Access Control and Time & Attendance.

Smartcards can also be directly printed upon allowing them to be used as Company ID cards whilst also marketing the company name and logo.

In addition to Smartcards, Fingerprint readers or Pin-Pads can also be used to identify individuals. Personnel fingerprints can be stored and used at the service point to retrieve their respective account information.The latest in touch screen technology is then used to record all meal details and charge the appropriate account.

As an alternative to fingerprints, all Personnel can be issued with a unique PIN, which they use to access their account via the use of a Pin-Pad. When the system is linked to the MIDAS Software the individual’s photograph can be displayed on the screen of the Touch-screen POS for extra security and confirmation of the persons identity.

Other Options

Money can also be loaded onto accounts in a variety of ways including traditional wall mounted "Money Loaders". They are capable of being networked so as to provide constant update at the Tills and on the Server Software.

Furthermore, values can also be loaded onto cards/accounts at the POS Tills themselves or alternatively from a central managed location via the software. It is further possible to set-up Rollover recharging of purses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, making the whole process more automated.


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