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Time and Attendance Systems

A Time & Attendance System allows the ability to easily and accurately record employee clocking data i.e. when they clocked IN and when they clocked OUT, ultimately calculating the total hours worked. From companies with few employees to large multinational organisations, Time & Attendance Systems simplify the jobs of Human Resource departments whilst offering a payback in the long run.

The same personnel cards used for access control can be also be used to monitor time and attendance of employees. This can be achieved either independently of the access control system or within the same front end. It is then possible to produce various reports for individuals showing total hours worked per day, week, month or even year. Some time and attendance packages are also capable of calculating wages, taking into account any public holidays or time taken off work.

Using built-in report generators make it simple to get the kind of information you need from such a system, generally including the following reports:

  • Weekly Clock Card
  • Payroll Summary
  • Absence Summary
  • Exceptions
  • Job Booking
  • Working Time Directive Compliance
Comprehensive Time & Attendance software can also hold additional employee details including photographs. Searching for details or a particular employee can be quick and easy, with the ability to sort on any column or perform a search by name.


Special Time & Attendance Readers with large displays make it easy for an employee to confirm clockings, check flexi-time hours or make job booking transactions. It is possible to have a number of these readers on multiple sites all linked back to a server PC running a front end Time & Attendance software that calculates clockings from each reader.

Depending on the Time & Attendance System chosen, numerous extra features maybe inherent to take into account diversity with working rules between different organisations including:

  • Auto Clockout – Employees are automatically clocked out at a certain time
  • Shift Swapping – Employees may have their shift for a particular day chaged in advance
  • Annualised Hours – Keep track of time worked throughout the year by a particular employee
  • Secondary Pay Bands – additional pay bands that can be multipliers of a specific pay band or unique in its own right
  • Shift Premiums – Complex payment schemes can be set-up, based on factors such as the time of working to the grade of employee.
Furthermore, it is possible to cost production or department jobs on a Time & Attendance System. Using their cards, employees book against specific jobs to produce a full cost analysis and break down of time spent on each job. Reports can then be produced and exported showing how each job is faring against budgets allocated.



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