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Photo ID System

A Photo ID system is used to produce company personnel identity cards complete with the individual’s picture, personal details and can incorporate a signature and corporate logo. Multiple card designs can be added to the system, should colour coding be necessary for different departments or teams, visitors, contractors etc. Printing is done on ISO standard white plastic cards using special card printers. It is also possible to print on both sides of the card using double-sided card printers.

Contact Sigma today to obtain a free no obligation quote for a Photo ID System or have us design and produce your cards for you and minimise your costs.  Just visit our online ID Card Printing bureau service and have a look at some designs we have created.  You can also upload your details, photo and company logo and have us send you a sample design via email.

Some Access Control Systems have the Photo ID printing feature built-in and all that is required, in addition to a card printer, is a method of capturing a person’s image, which could be via the means of a live camera and capture card or digital camera.

The benefit of an integrated system is that personnel details are entered once and become available and valid for both the access control and photo id elements.

Contact Sigma today to obtain a free no obligation quote for a fully integrated Access Control System complete with Photo ID capabilities and the necessary printer and accessories to produce professional ID cards.

All Sigma Engineered Solutions installations are backed up by 24/7 365 day a year support for your peace of mind.


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